Sheridan Hammond
Sheridan developed his successful investment portfolio in real estate when he was in his teens before diving into the entrepreneur career in the health care/ marine industry and blockchain. Sheridan has Captained commercial yachts, explorer vessels and also runs his own commercial yacht charter business. He spent the last 30 years exploring yoga, movement, and meditation and enjoys integrating these into his family and work life. Sheridan enjoys working in the blockchain industry and values his networks and friends from all over the world. He thoroughly enjoys supporting and working with his investment portfolio clients. Through Kosmos, he has invested in over 160 projects over the last 6 years. He lives with his wife and their 6 children on the pristine coastline of Margaret River, South West Australia.

"We confuse what our real needs are in life very easily. It is very easy to be knocked off our path without a clear vision of what our path is. Feeling wholeness and health is imperative to this success" - Sheridan Hammond